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Laser Cutting Job Work

Amada (3KW) Fiber Laser Cutting Machine:

Machine: LCG3015AJ
Processing Range: 3000 mm x 1500 mm
3 Axis: X,Y,and Z

  • The efficacy and accuracy of this Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is 3 fold than CO2 Laser cutting machine.
  • This machine having high toque motor with feed rate of 170 m/min.
  • This machine having Higher Cutting speed, Faster positioning acceleration and with lower c.g. carriage.
  • Material Processed by this Machine:

Mild Steel (MS) :19 mm
Stainless Steel (SS) :15 mm
Aluminium :12 mm
Brass (Copper + Zinc) :8 mm
Titanium :8 mm
Copper :6 mm

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